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Our products protect their wearers even under extreme conditions of our world, who’s exeptional achievements, ideas and experience inspire our work day-by-day.

We face challenges every day that encourage constant innovation and the reason why we love what we do.

Teljeskörű innovatív termékfejlesztés
Development from concept to product

Our product development team have gained a reputation across the industry for delivering world-class products and sharing extensive technical expertise with a strong understanding of construction, materials and innovative manufacturing techniques.

AWOS Technológia
Attachment without sewing (AWOS)


Besides traditional stitching we implemented solutions without sewing to ensure our products are truly unique and represent the highest level of novel technologies. Instead of using needles and threads, glue and heat creates perfect bondings in our products.

Korszerű géppark
Latest technologies


Our applied technologies requires the highest level of machineries to be used, therefore all of our production sites are equipped with modern machines:
seam sealing machines, heatpresses, embroideries, laser – ultrasonic or automate cutting, roll-over-quilting and many others.

360 fokos szolgáltatás
360° service in garment industry

Due to our own material sourcing, product development, logistics, product planning/controlling and quality assurance, we provide comprehensive services both in lifejacket and technical garment industry.

Előző Következő
PIER csapat
"There has been always an aspect that we are not satisfied what we have, we always wanted more. My own motivation today is still to think on solutions that lead us simplier, faster and more efficiently to our goals. This also contributes to our success.„ ISTVAN PIDL
"Even at the early stage of our company, we decided to move beyond pure production services and take part in development also and we have maintained this ambition for complex model ranges as well. While respecting and keeping our own Hungarian productions, due to longterm considerations we have outsourced productions activities also to Ukraine, Serbia and Romania to act as an intermedier role in European design, know-how, development and logistics. Additionally we have always preferred human values-based environment and a family-firendly approach, as we know that the dedication and expertise of our colleagues are the keys to the success of PIER.„ FERENC ERDOSI
"PI-ER started out as a small family business, we didn't have the same patterns as multinational companies, we learned almost everything from our own experience. The increasingly diversified production requirements called for a change in organisational structure and culture. The trust in the new generation from the management, the employees and our partners will ensure the future of our company.„ KATALIN SZALANCZY