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Our company has been producing waterproof clothing since the beginning in ready made garment cunstruction in which we buy all the material and acessories needed for production ourselves. We have created our own product developing group to help produce high quality products meeting customer expectations. A pattern and layer CAD software helps the job of the product developing department. The making of prototypes and checking the different sizes on our lines is under constant surveillance of quality controllers.

Our laser equipment installed some years ago enables us, uniquely on the Hungarian market, to prepare some parts of our products solely with glueing technology without using sewing.

We have been closely cooperating with W.L Gore & Associates Inc. company, which is the producer of materials of the best quality available worldwide, provide us with a know-how concerning the procedure. This procedure guarantees that the products are water- and windproof for their wearers.

In technical clothing our main product ranges incorporate waterproof clothing, middle layer made of different fleece materials and softshell products. In 2006 we won the tender of the Hungarian Army for developing waterproof winter garment.
During this development tender it was a challenge to make a clothing which ensures proper protection and comfort to its wearer in extreme weather conditions, in barracks, but also during drills and operations.