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About PI-ER Technical ltd.

Our company has been operating since 1995 in the textile industry,with two production sites in Komló and Sellye, providing 180 employees with permanent jobs.

We produce almost exclusively for foreign markets. Our core competence lies in the manufacturing of two main product lines:

  • technical clothing designed for extreme weather conditions
  • buoyancy aids and lifejackets(50, 100, 150 N)

  • To our operation it is essential that we own MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, NATO AQAP 2110, and SOLAS MED-D (International Sea Safety Regulations) Certificates, which we aquired several years ago and has been applying ever since on a daily basis. Since 2000 we have been using GORE-TEX® technology in production. We are licenced to manufacture ready made garments which enables us to develop our own products for corporate customers.

    Our product development department buy all the materials, accessories from several countries in Europe and Asia. Our highly qualified product improvement department ensure the high technical standard of our designs.
    In product development we use a completely computerized laboratory system (CAD). We apply without sewing, glueing technology we use laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting machines and different heat presses. In 1998 we founded our branch in the Ukraine where recently 250 people are employed on two production sites to produce high quality products for our customers.
    Both of our production sites are licensed to make 3 layered GORE-TEX® technology products.